20 dňový pochod Alpami (Pralognan – Menton)

20 dňový pochod Francúzskymi Alpami, z Pralognan-u do Menton-u. To je trail, ktorý podnikol Olivier Chirouze. Veľký rešpekt pred týmto výkonom. Na servery EveryTrail.com je možné pozrieť si celú jeho trasu a nádhernú, naozaj nádhernú fotodokumentáciu. Now the trail story is available on http://www.entrelacets.fr/index.php/les-articles/gta (only in French). Please see Slovak translation on this page.

Grande Traversée des Alpes : Pralognan - Menton by Choucrouteman
Grande Traversée des Alpes : Pralognan - Menton by Choucrouteman


  1. 25/10/2011

    Hi Thailon!

    I was looking at Everytrail comments and ended up here.
    For your info I created a new website and migrated the old one to it (choucrouteland no longer exists)
    Everything is now in http://www.entrelacets.fr/index.php/les-articles/gta and since then we added… well, about a hundred more articles that wait for their trips in everytrail :-)


  2. 25/10/2011

    Hello Olivier. Thank You for the update. My page is actual from now :) I’m looking for Your trips on EveryTrail.

    Bye !

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