phpGoogleMaps ver 0.3 – release notes

+ $my_map->GPanTo [true/false] attribute added. Set to true to enable info window to display several map parameters (false is default)
+ $my_map->GMapType [SATELLITE/HYBRID/NORMAL] attribute added for setting the map type. Possible values are SATELLITE, HYBRID or NORMAL. Default map is NORMAL.
+ $my_map->GetHeaderTag_PointView() method added. It can be used for displaying the simple point from url.
+ $my_map->GenerateMap() udpated. Now you can also define the size by %. Previous $my_map->GenerateMap(800,500); actual $my_map->GenerateMap(‘90%’,’58px’);
* fix : bogus parameter has been added to avoid kml file caching.

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