“Photography is an art and a craft. Getting better at both requires practice—lots of practice. The Daily Shoot is a simple daily routine to motivate and inspire you to practice your photography, and share your results! It’s not a contest and there are no prizes. It’s simply about encouraging you to pick up your camera and make photographs.” [by dailyshoot.com]

Who’s Behind This?
James Duncan Davidson is a photographer, author, and recovering software developer. He travels around the world shooting events like TED and Web 2.0 Summit. Some of his photographs appear in his Flickr stream.

Mike Clark is a programmer, consultant, and author based in Denver, CO. He also runs training events through The Pragmatic Studio. You can find some of his photography in his Flickr stream.

Want to join?
It’s easy to get started! Here’s how: http://dailyshoot.com/

Aktuálny zoznam fotografií:

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